A Constitutional Charade

Charade – a so called constitutional reform that takes the people for a ride – for the main political parties as they stand have no intention of diluting their own powers – the current system suits them well. The president should be elected directly by the people; and active and past representatives of political parties should be barred from contesting for the post. The president should be given more powers to act as a guardian of the constitution and to serve as a counter balance to the monopoly enjoyed by the executive and indeed even parliament. He should have certain veto powers on proposed legislation whereupon when such veto is exercised, the issue at hand would need to go for a referendum. Furthermore, he should have the power to appoint the Chief justice, the Police Commissioner, the head of the electoral commission and the chairmen and women of certain contentious boards currently hijacked by our political cabal such as MEPA, the Broadcasting authority etc… until these reforms start to happen, nothing will change….


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