The Implosion of the PN

You are witnessing history – the political party that up to a few years ago thought itself as invincible is imploding in front of your own eyes. Whichever way they turn – the options look dim and the odds insurmountable – they need a miracle- but it won’t happen. The members who have voted Delia as leader according to the party’s own statute only to see him obstructed every step of the way by the clique they wanted to replace – and now quite evidently seeing them mounting a coup to remove him without consulting them won’t wash well with them – if the coup succeeds many will leave for good – Where will they go? This is what happens to a party which has renounced all the principles that led to its founding, and literally looked down in contempt and spat in the face of its traditional voters. Labour shouldn’t be smug – bereft of an effective opposition, that would normally keep them disciplined and on their toes, their downfall too will come about primarily as a consequence of their own hubris. Already we can witness the different factions forming and hardening – with no love lost between them, the back stabbing, the bitching, the anger, real anger in certain quarters of the rank and file about the endless trail of corruption and yes we get back to it – the renouncing of the elemental principles which led to the forming of the MLP all those years ago. Most are sticking in there – for now – simply because they have nowhere to go – and they know they are being abused because of this fact – but sooner or later, a party which will appeal to the better part of their instincts. will appear and offer them with an alternative – nature always abhors a vacuum and Malta will prove no exception. On my part I only hope that such a party appears soon, that we get rid of this double-headed political cancer that is fast leading this country to extinction, as soon as possible.

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