Winds of Change?

“The wind of change may have started to blow. In the last few weeks, the prime minister has taken some essential political decisions to start addressing the serious problem of corruption. Hope has been raised that this sad episode in Malta’s political history will one day be closed.”

So thinks the Times of Malta..

But no they are not. The winds of change will only come about, when our political system which rewards a winning political party with absolute and uncontested power is scrapped – because power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely – and this is replaced by a system which has true separation of powers and above all gives power back to the population itself rather than its representatives, who as history shows quickly forget their promises that led to their election once they find themselves in government. If we truly believe in a government for the people by the people – then let’s try and make it that way – all else is window dressing and wishful thinking.


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