Good Luck, Comrades!

Dramatic changes have started happening across the West—unpredictable and unprecedented changes that are well beyond measure. The long-standing thirst for abolishing all inequities has finally broken through the surface of polite society in the form of violent Black Lives Matter protests. ‘Oppressive’ statues are falling; offending words are banned; and a new, more equal, and more ‘inclusive’ society is emerging from the ruins—one that promises to bring ‘peace and love’ to all humankind.

But from an Eastern European perspective, the whole ‘BLM’ revolution seems very familiar. In fact, for anyone who lives in Europe’s semi-periphery, the idea of sweeping away all forms of oppression and building a ‘new world’ does not sound like a wholly new ideology.This revolution has spread from the U.S. to Western Europe, and now across the entire world. And it aims to soon establish a new community for all humankind, one that is open to all regardless of a person’s skin colour, gender, or beliefs.

Tearing down monuments of imperialist heroes? Erecting new statues of Karl Marx and Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (as we have seen in Trier and Gelsenkirchen)? Been there, done that. And we do not want to go through it again.

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